Dog Bite Injuries

Dog Bite InjuriesDog bite injuries are all too common occurrences, yet they present unique legal challenges. At the Law Offices of Dennis Kucera, we’re ready to put our experience to work to help you maximize your compensation. We handle these claims on a contingent fee basis, which means we will only be paid through a portion of the money we produce for you, and otherwise you don’t owe us anything. We can make home or hospital appointments to see you for this type of claim. Many dog bite victims are family or friends who may know the dog’s owner, and sometimes people are reluctant to pursue a claim against someone they may know personally. Rest assured, as long as there is insurance, the claim will be handled by the insurance and the payment will come from the insurance, rather than directly from the dog owner’s pocket. While a claim history can affect a person’s insurance rates, the effect on the dog owner’s insurance is usually small compared to the value of your claim.

Dog Bite Injuries Offer Unique Legal Challenges

Dog bite injuries are very different from other types of personal injury accidents. You need to determine ownership of the dog, call animal regulation, preserve any witness statements, and get information from people who have had contact with the dog who may know of its aggressive nature or history of aggressive behavior. The circumstances of how the dog was able to reach you are also important. Was the dog let loose without a leash, or was a fence meant to block the dog not functioning properly? It may be necessary to photograph or video the area where the dog was kept.

Medical Attention & Legal Representation

Dog bite injuries present a substantial risk of hidden and long lasting damage. This is not the kind of injury claim you should try to settle quickly or before speaking with an attorney. There can be nerve damage or a chronic infection under the skin, even though the wound appears to have healed closed. After a dog bite injury occurs, it is essential to seek medical attention immediately, as serious additional damage may be caused from a delay in treatment. You must be careful that you do not make your injury worse by foregoing the appropriate treatment. You might need additional testing to visualize the injury or to see if there is nerve damage. You may be left with scars and may need to consult with a plastic surgeon before trying to settle your claim. You can be left with a wound area that is lumpy, painful, or constantly sensitive to touch, or you may face limitations in the use of your fingers. Some dog bites can cause a blood clot due to an infection, known as a deep vein thrombosis, which is not only dangerous, but can be very difficult to bring fully under control. In addition to medical attention, you need an attorney to represent you, so your attorney can develop the evidence, work with the proper doctors, and begin the insurance claim process for the best possible outcome.

Dog Bite Injuries

If you’re looking for a physician to treat your dog bite, don’t worry. We can refer you to doctors who can treat you on a lien basis, so you can receive treatment without paying out of pocket as you receive treatment, and you will also obtain the documentation required to support your injury claim. Dog bites are a more specialized type of personal injury, but the other considerations for personal injury claims also apply. As with the suggestions we have made for other injury claims, it is not a good idea to talk directly to the other insurance company. There is downside but no upside, so why do it. Click on the link below to see more information about personal injury claims in general.

Dog Bites Damages

Dog Bites DamagesDog bite injuries present a substantial risk of hidden and long lasting damage. This is not the kind of injury claim you should try to settle quickly or before speaking with an attorney. Don’t wait to seek medical attention or an attorney after a dog bite injury occurs. Come to our law firm and let us help to investigate and manage your case. We can arrange treatment on a lien so you do not have to pay out of pocket as you receive treatment. These cases are handled on a contingent fee basis, which means we only get paid out of the money we produce for you.